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The Crypt Full Version 2.0

The Crypt Full Version includes ten levels with more challenging play and fun
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The Crypt Full Version includes ten great levels with more challenging play and fun. The game now has two characters grunts and bosses. The Grunts are the bad “guys” that try to prevent the progress of the user while the Bosses are the end-of-level opponent the user must destroy to finish the level. Each level includes extra lives, which may or may not be present along the quickest path to the exit. There are bottles of energy scattered throughout the levels that give user the energy they need to survive the attacks of the enemies. The grunts have barrels as their favorite cover. However, they are easy to explode. The Bosses order the Grunts to setup the crates as stronger barriers to slow the progress of the user and help them protect their valuables. The barrel walls are impenetrable used by the Bosses to impede user progress and provide cover.

The game offers old-style, straight-through play to the user. It revolves around the plot where the gamer wakes up in a dimly lit crypt and has to find their way out. The users have to play their way through the previous levels without saving their progress in order to proceed further. This adds a level of difficulty and makes it hard to beat the game.

The Full Version that used to be sold for $9.99 is now a freeware program. It features ten attractive levels with the same magnificent sound, graphics and gameplay of the standard version.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Challenging and entertaining interface


  • The graphics are sluggish
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